Company Law

Company Law

We have broad experience in handling shareholder and company law disputes. Our lawyers have assisted in several high-profile and principal cases, including disputes:

  • relating to the purchase and sale of businesses
  • between the company and its shareholders
  • concerning redemption of shares
  • concerning dissolution of companies
  • concerning directors’ liability (see also professional and directors’ liability)

Our lawyers have litigated several of the most important precedent cases within company law before the Supreme Court.

Anders Ryssdal has brought several company law cases before the Supreme Court. In the Norway Seafoods judgment (Rt 2003 p. 713), the Supreme Court upheld his claim that when minority shareholders’ shares are subject to a compulsory redemption, the redemption price should correspond to the shares’ actual value based on the underlying assets of the company – and not the estimated market value.

Nils-Henrik Pettersson litigated the fundamental case on lifting the corporate veil in Norwegian law (Rt-1996-172). He also succeeded before the Supreme Court with a request for the minority shareholder Herman Bergshaven to have his shares redeemed in the shipping holding company Bergshav Holding (HR-2016-1439-A).

Our lawyers also have broad practical experience as board members. This contributes to a better commercial understanding, which we combine with our general experience in dealing with large and complex issues.